Monday, October 04, 2010

Finished Gluing Box for Front Logics

Today I worked some more on the front logic housing.

Before continuing work on the PVC box, I cut a small 1/16" strip of styrene to help separate the two aluminum front logic surrounds, and glued it down.

Turning to the logic boards, I've noticed that the logic boards and their LED boards are slightly misaligned.

If I had to guess, I'd say that during manufacturing the boards were probably cut slightly differently. The boards are held together with two rows of pins. I considered trying to bend the pins, but I was unable to pry the two boards apart, and I didn't want to damage them.

I decided to sand the edge of the LED board and bezel so that it matched the edge of the logic board.

That's better.

The two glued up pairs PVC sides were test fitted around the logics. The fit is a little snug, so I'm allowing a little overhang.

And with that, I glued it up, with light pressure from my baby clamps.

I will test fit the logics tomorrow. If I don't like the fit, I'll break apart the opposite corners and try again. I had to do that with droid #1, so there is precedent. :/

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