Thursday, September 16, 2010

Marked Inner Dome for Minor Trimming, Final Sanding of Resin Eye

Before I permanently bond the inner and outer domes together, I wanted to make sure that no further adjustments are required.

I did a test-fit and inspected the areas where holes are cut out of the inner dome. I spotted a few areas around the holes for the holoprojectors that could use some enlarging on the inner dome.

This is a view from the inside.

I traced the area with a marker where I will Dremel off a little more material from the inner dome.

While the domes were together, I decided that the back of the resin eye needed just a little more sanding. This is because on my previous sanding effort, I had the eye resting a little higher than I intended, leaving a very small gap between the eye and the dome, mainly toward the upper-right side.

A few minutes of sanding with 320 and 400 grit sand paper helped.

I think I can live with this now, although I've said that before too.

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