Sunday, September 19, 2010

Widened HP Holes on Inner Dome, Prepped Domes for Gluing

Today I spent some time wrapping up a few loose ends, before permanently gluing the inner and outer domes together.

First, I widened the holes for the holoprojectors on the inner dome, in the areas I marked up the other day. Since there wasn't much material to remove, I used the Dremel drum sander.

I tested all the HP holes, and the the HPs seem to fit just fine.

Next, I scuffed up the inside of the outer dome, and the outside of the inner dome with 100 grit sand paper. This is to provide the silicone that I plan to use a nice, rough surface to bond to.

Next, I cleaned the domes with my deadly friend acetone.

Finally, I managed to bump one of the top HP mounting screws loose.

I cleaned up the hole, replaced the screw with a new one, and JB Welded it in place.

Next up, gluing the domes together. When I have a few minutes.

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