Sunday, August 22, 2010

Droid Unload Day

Yea! Damien Metz, Mike Johnson, and their wives arrived back in Orange County, CA with our droids, in the ultimate droidmobile.

The trailer was packed with both droids and other goodies that returned from Orlando, such as Max' set piece.

Here's what's left of the rim and tire that blew out when the guys were driving out to Orlando.

We had to unpack lots of stuff to get to the droids.

And get to the droids we did. My modest droidmobile is humbled by the trailer.

We reloaded what was left, namely Mike Johnson's droid that is going back to Nevada, and Chris Romines' droid, which will be dropped off nearby.

One last lock-up of the trailer, as it prepares to depart for final drop-offs.

Meanwhile, after two weeks away, my droid is back home, safe and sound.

Muchas, muchas gracias to Damien and Jamie Metz, and Mike and Regina Johnson for getting our droids to Orlando and back in perfect condition. I am deeply grateful for the challenges you took on and sacrifices you made to endure two non-stop drives across the country. Without you guys, my droid would have missed CV, and it would have been a lot less fun for me. Thank you!!

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