Sunday, August 15, 2010

CV Day 4

Today was the fourth and final day of Star Wars Celebration V.

I had to make it a near complete-sweep, and come in a little late again. My droid was stationed at one of the photo op areas of the room all day today.

I caught just a few seconds of the Extreme Droid Challenge.

Next, Mike Senna and I went down to one of the larger theaters to watch a replay of the George Lucas interview that Jon Stewart conducted yesterday. As an added bonus, Carrie Fisher came on stage and spoke to us for a while.

Next, it was time to prepare for the Droid Parade. I lent a hand to Ian Martin, as he suited up as C-3PO. Ian was getting set to ride in the Troop Transporter that Darren Murrer and Cole Horton built.

The droid builders lined up at 2:00pm, and we were off on our parade around the 2nd floor of the convention center. Throngs of people lined the route.

Our stopping point was near the large AT-AT in one of the main lobbies, where a large Celebration V banner hung.

While there, we gathered for a group picture.

Back in the R2 Builders room, Rob Meyer demonstrated what must be the world's smallest R/C R2-D2. The dome turns, the wheels spin, and the lights blink. Amazing.

A couple of hours after we returned to the R2 Builders room, CV offcially came to a close, and we closed our doors to the public for the last time.

Wayne Orr spoke to the group, and thanked everyone that worked so hard to make the room the huge success that it was, and we in turn thanked Wayne.

And then, it was time to start dismantling the displays and preparing the droids for their journeys back home.

Mary Franklin from Lucasfilm dropped by the room to express her thanks, and took a picture with those of us that happened to be in the room at the time.

It was time for us to start loading up Damien's trailer. This was a lot more comfortable in Southern California, where the humidity is at least 60% lower.

R2, R2, R2.

The truck was packed, the droids were tied down, and CV was over.

As I wrote a little over three years ago, I can't recall as many consecutive days where I got so little sleep, but had such a good time making new friends.

I was much newer to the club then, and my droid had only been finished for less than a week. Now, it's over three years later, and it was so cool seeing many of the same people again, and getting to meet other builders that I had looked forward to seeing in person for many months. I was not disappointed. New friendships were established, and it was a great week. Here's hoping we'll all do it again in three more years.

Today's photoset is here.


Gunbu said...

Thank you for taking the time to take pics and write up some info about cv! Great pics and great updates. Glad you had a blast.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Victor!

I ate up every photo and every comment this past few days. Must make a point of being there for the next one! Super job posting and keeping us in the loop!!! Really enjoyed seeing it all!!!