Friday, August 13, 2010

CV Day 2

Day 2 at Celebration V started off with a special visitor to the room, George Lucas.

George spoke briefly with Mike Johnson, asking the group (as he did at CIII), "Where were you 30 years ago?" Mike answered that he was only 7, and George had some fun with that.

Michael McMaster was recording the entire visit, and mentioned to George to check out Rob Meyer's 2-3-2 system. George was quite impressed, and commented about how the Lucasfilm droids were not able to retract back into 2-leg mode.

The best part was when William Miyamoto showed George his daughter Zoe's droid, complete with Zoe inside! George pulled out his personal camera and took a picture of Zoe inside of her droid. That was great.

Shortly after George's visit was finished, sound engineer extraordinaire Ben Burtt paid the room a visit, and talked about R2 and WALL•E effects.

To date I hadn't paid for any autographs on my droid's back door, but I decided Ben Burtt was worth the $20.00, so I got in line. Unfortunately for me, a professional autograph collector directly ahead of me in line had literally hundreds of items to have signed. While Ben was signing, up walked Anthony Daniels, and he sat down next to Ben to reminisce. That was cool.

The line stalled for at least 45 minutes thanks to the professional autograph collector. In fact, after the guy was done, Ben had to run off to a panel, so I had to give the sad puppy-dog eyes to get my back door signed without having to come back later, and Ben did indeed sign, and then ran off to his panel.

Next, it was on to the Droid Building on a Budget panel, hosted by Carl Cunningham, and featuring Greg Tracy, Nick Bishop, Mike Senna, and Calvin Thomas.

The builders gave a very informative talk on building with styrene and wood, and explained how the club works. The audience was very engaged and asked good questions.

Next up, droid races! Zoe Miyamoto warms up her R2 (which she was not inside when the real race took place).

I wasn't able to stay for the entire time, but I know both Mike Senna and William Miyamoto won their initial heats, and Mike was 3 for 3 on the day.

Next, a little something bizarre, and only-at-CV. Lucasfilm online content producer Bonnie Burton participated in a commitment ceremony with Jerry Chevalier's R2-D2. If that bow-tie looks familiar, there's a reason.

R2 is nervous before the big moment. Jerry Chevalier and Nick Bishop help calm his nerves.

R2-KT was a Maid of Honor.

Steve Sansweet gave away the bride, it was an emotional moment for him.

R2-D2, Darth Maul and Elvis Trooper. As I said, an only-at-CV moment.

Later, I wandered around with Brian Mix, Michael McMaster and Mike Senna. Somehow we wandered into the Hoth Ice Bar. It was a bar, and it did have ice.

A short while later, we wandered out, and happened to wander into the line that was entering the Robot Chicken panel, so we sat in on that. As usual, the Robot Chicken guys were hilarious, and they showed clips from the third installment of their Star Wars spoof.

My favorite t-shirt? A mash-up of The Simpsons and Star Wars. Here, it looks like Homer/Mr. Sparkle, crossed with Lobot. Michael McMaster approves as well.

Today's full photo set is here.

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