Saturday, May 01, 2010

PSI Work

My PSIs have always been a little dim for my liking (kind of like me). After talking it over with Mike, I swapped a 1K ohm resistor with a 470 ohm resistor.

Looking at this solder job, it's amazing the LEDs even illuminate at all.

Well, it's a little brighter, but I want it to be a lot brighter. This is with the camera flash off.

When the camera flash is on, the PSI is very washed out. This isn't unusual, but in sunlight the PSIs struggle to be seen as well.

I know there are many solutions for the PSIs that are available. I really like this solution, available from several electronics outlets online. It allows the user to set the blink duration for each LED separately, and it's really simple and inexpensive. I just need to work out the LED brightness issue. Yes, I am experimenting with multiple LEDs as well.

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