Sunday, March 14, 2010

Outer Foot Shell Work

I'm taking it one step at a time with the feet. (I'll stop the puns now.) Today I worked on just one of the two outer foot shells, because until I see the result, I'm not sure I'll want to do the second one the same way.

The first decision is how to start gluing up the main body of the outer foot shell. Alex' web page kinda skips the steps I'm working on today, but it's no big deal, because it is obvious how the pieces are meant to go together. I'm just trying to decide the order of glue-up to make things turn out as good as possible.

I decided to start by gluing one of the front/back pieces to the side piece that goes up against the battery box, since those two parts sit at a 90 degree angle against each other. As usual, I applied the Testors glue to the tabs that will be joined together.

I used a couple of wooden blocks to support the long side piece so that it was perpendicular to the front/back piece, and I clamped everything together. Of course I knew I would probably end up gluing the wooden blocks to the styrene, and I did, but they were easy to pry off without damaging the styrene.

After this had time to dry for a few hours, I repeated the process with the other front/back piece.

After this second glue-up was dry, there was one last piece to glue in for today, the door frame that I glued together yesterday.

I slid the work to the edge of the board so that the top would be relatively flat, and glued down the door frame.

Tomorrow I'll check to make sure everything is sturdy. I plan to add reinforcements to the inside, but even without them the shell should be able to handle some stress.

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