Saturday, March 13, 2010

Foot Shell Door Work

Time to get back to work! After a short diversion with the onslaught of new hits and the fun at the Pacific Symphony Orchestra, I finally had some time today to return to the A&A (Alex Kung & Andy Schwartz) foot shells. Today, it was gluing together the doors for all three feet.

The Testors model glue is working great with the styrene, so I'm "sticking" with it (get it??).

Once a piece was glued down, I measured to ensure it was centered. In this case, the smaller piece is on the back of the door, and helps center the door in the frame that I will glue together next.

Next, the door frames for the outer doors.

My fascination with clips continues. The area of contact between these two pieces is pretty small, so I clipped the door frame pieces together.

Hours later, after everything had thoroughly dried, I unclipped the work and checked it out. Everything seems to be fitting very well.

The holes in the doors will be covered by the half moon pieces. They are there in case the builder wants to use a door fastening mechanism that the A&A foot shells provide, but I plan to use the same mechanism that I used for droid #1.

The A&A portion of the center foot shell is done, but there is plenty of filling and sanding to do, along with the mounting of the half moon pieces, and the build of the outer foot shells has just begun.

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