Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Drilled Holes for Motor Mounts, Prepped Foot Strips, Finished Door Holders, Attached Door Details

Tonight I drilled the holes in the main bar of the drivetrain to attach the motor mounts. Four holes on each main bar, 0.266" in diameter and countersunk.

The drivetrain is getting closer. I still need to file some flat spots on the axles for set screws on the gears and wheels, and I need to hack on the shaft adapters a little bit to get them to fit snugly on the motors. Then the shaft adapters need to be pinned to the shafts. And the chain needs to be attached, of course.

I also cleaned the aluminum strips that go on the front and back of each of the feet. Here's a tip: If parts arrive taped together, do yourself a favor and don't wait a year or more to take the tape off.

Next, I finished installing the foot shell doors by nailing in small strips of PVC onto each of the bottom door holders.

Now all I need to do when I want the doors to come off is pivot the strips of PVC.

After gagging on acetone fumes earlier, I was ready to gag on PVC glue fumes. I glued down the various details that go on the doors of the outer foot shells.

And that was a wrap for this evening.

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