Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Finished JB Welding Dome Screws (for Now)

I'm running out of thrilling revelations in describing the JB Welding of screws into the dome.

The last two went in tonight, these are for the rear logic surround.

The only other screws that might get installed would be for the front logics, but until they are manufactured and I receive them, I'll wait to decide how I want to secure them. On droid #1 they are more or less forced in from behind by my front logic assembly, no screws are required. I may well do it that way again. The PSIs will be secured in this way as well.


alanrw said...

Hi Victor!!! Have you experienced any issues with the screws pulling thru the inner dome. It looks like there isn't too much meat holding the screw!! Also, I am assuming that you really have to countersink the screw holes to insure the outer and inner domes seat properly?

all the best


Victor Franco said...

Hi Alan,

Nice to hear from you.

I have not had a problem with the screw pulling through the inner dome. I'm pretty careful to countersink only as deep as necessary; I'll pause, check the screw head, countersink some more, and check again, as I get close.

You are correct that the purpose of countersinking is to improve the fit between the two domes. If there areas where the two domes have a miniscule gap, it shouldn't matter if the screw head isn't flush with the inner dome's surface.

(Look at me, writing as if I know what I'm doing.)