Tuesday, February 23, 2010

JB Welded Screws for Rear Holoprojector and Buttons

More JB Welding of screws into the dome. Tonight it was for the rear holoprojector and buttons.

I've become a believer in sanding surfaces that will be bonded together. I've been sanding the screw heads and the countersunk holes on the dome, in order for the JB Weld to form a better bond. A more rugged surface area seems to help, I do it for silicone, primer and JB Weld.

As before, JB Weld is applied to the screw head. If you use Star Wars paper plates, it works even better.

Six more screws in place.

The screws and JB Weld get a gravity-assist while drying. Sure hope this doesn't topple during the night!

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