Thursday, January 07, 2010

Marked Dome Ring for Cutting

There are a few areas on the dome ring that rise above corresponding holes on the dome. One such example is the hole for the front holoprojector.

The front PSI and front logics also need a little more area on the dome ring, so I set the PSI and logic panels in place and marked these areas on the inside of the dome ring for future cutting with the Dremel cutoff wheel. Of course, it's very important to orient the outer dome to the dome ring so that it is aligned as it will be for final assembly.

The rear holoprojector hole clears the dome ring, but the cowling that goes around the holoprojector just barely bumps into it. This cut isn't really required, but while I'm marking things up I figured I'd give it some breathing room too.

Hopefully I can get a lot of hacking done on the dome ring and outer dome this weekend.

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