Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Started Installing Anchor Bolts, Winch for Droid Lift

Tonight I put in just a little more work on the droid lift.

I started by marking where the holes need to be drilled into the crossbar for the anchor bolts.

Next, I drilled the 3/8" holes in the pipe.

Time to try fitting it in the car. Obviously I will cut the bolts down.

I think I need to straighten out the part that is immediately under the pipe, the angle prevents me from locking the hook portion of the bolt tight against the floor anchors. That's another task for another time.

The next item of business is mounting the winch motor to the mast. The motor mount has some holes predrilled in it, but not enough of them, and not necessarily where I want them. Time to drill.

In another case, I needed to widen a slot with the Dremel.

The U-bolts fit, and they support the motor on the steel mast.

This thing is starting to get heavy.


Matthew H said...


Looking good.

If you need any more heavy cutting let me know. Can get it cut at work.

Victor Franco said...

Thanks Matthew. Luckily, I think I'm done with the heavy duty cuts now, but I'll let you know if not.