Friday, October 09, 2009

Unmasked and Installed Coin Slots, Pre-R2LA VII Dinner

Ready or not, it was time to unmask the coin slots.

I got these installed in droid #2 in preparation for tomorrow's appearance at R2LA VII.

Then, it was over to Mike Senna's house to drop off droid #1 and get ready for the dinner preceding R2LA. We had eight droids already present by the time I left!

Several out-of-towners are already here, including Doug Dixon from Orlando, Florida, as he chats with Vince Sanchez.

Matt McCormick and Chris James made the long drive down from Northern California.

Max Cervantes borrowed Chris James' magnetic dome panel, and once again proved that his PT Cruiser is R2 Blue.

Mike Johnson arrived from Las Vegas, and surprised us with this item. Hmm, what could it be?? Could it have something to do with the scene on the TV?

We headed to Lamppost Pizza for dinner, and had a good time reuniting and pigging out.

We are ready for fun tomorrow!


Chris said...

you too can own your very own tile

lots of fun tonite. i'm glad i came down early.



Victor Franco said...

Well, now we know what it cost.