Thursday, October 08, 2009

Painted Coin Slots, Glued in Booster Cover Screws, Silicone for Shoulder Hub Inserts, R2LA Prep

Tonight I was racing to get as much done on droid #2 as possible before R2LA weekend kicks off tomorrow night.

The first thing I did was repaint the coin slots. Phew! No spiderwebs on the purple layer (or any others).

After I finished with the blue and clearcoat layers on the coin slots, I glued in the screws that go in the back of the booster cover head pieces.

Next, I used silicone to glue down the inserts that go in the shoulder hubs. I globbed some silicone on the outside of the insert pieces, smeared it around, and set the pieces into the hubs.

I debated about whether to try removing the masking tape on the coin slots tonight or tomorrow. The thinking was, the sooner the tape is removed, the easier it will be to pull off. However, the clearcoat is gummy at this stage. I removed the side tape and one of the top pieces to see how it would go.

Due to the gumminess, there is still some excess paint that will need to be removed with an Xacto knife. I decided to let the paint cure some more before attempting to remove the rest of the tape.

1.4 droids getting ready for R2LA VII!

I'm intentionally leaving droid #2 opened up for the event, so the newbies can see inside and get a good idea of how droid #1 is put together.

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