Saturday, October 10, 2009


Today was the big day, R2LA VII!

I counted 49 people in the picture above, and that doesn't count Amy Senna that took the picture, nor a few other camera-shy attendees, plus a few others who came and left throughout the day. It was a large gathering, to be sure.

With droid #1 having already been dropped off last night, I loaded droid #2 into the Droidmobile for the trip to Yorba Linda.

Lots of builders chit-chatted about all things R2.

To be filed under "That's just wrong," Gerard tries to feed Panda Express chicken to Mike's poultry.

Of course, we had the webcast going as well, so everyone who couldn't make it could at least drop in virtually and see and hear the goings-on.

We had droids, droids, and more droids! 20 operating droids, and 5 more under construction!

Ian Martin graciously suited up as C-3PO and took pictures with the droids. Thanks Ian!

Never mind the fact that neither of those droids is mine.

Next, it was time for the R2LA Builder of the Year award. Jerry Chevalier made an outstanding trophy from a scratch-built radar eye. The amazing part was,it had a small OLED display built in that did a slideshow from R2LA events past!

And the winner is.... John Bush!

John has helped many local builders with their droids, and has molded some of Mike's scratch-built parts for casting (with Mike's blessing).

Mike Johnson, who drove in from Las Vegas, gave a demo on powder coating. The high wattage oven might have had something to do with our sudden power loss in the house right around the same time.

Of course, no R2LA event would be complete without a goofy Easter Egg shoot for the DVD. Some of the folks on the webcast probably figured out the silly premise.

It was a great time reuniting with old friends and making new ones, and we can't wait until next year!

The full photoset is here.

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