Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Measured and Marked Frame for Rail Drilling

I'm still a bit paranoid about the holes that I will drill through the frame for the center leg rails. I don't want them to conflict with the mount points of skirt, that will be flush up against the bottom of the frame. I already marked the bottom of the frame to check for where the skirt will sit, but tonight I decided to mark the top half of the bottom plate as well, because this is where the rails will sit, and this is the view I will have when drilling the holes.

I used some extra skirt pieces to lay out the footprint.

I traced the skirt mount point. These make up a kind of "don't drill here" area.

Finally, I loose-fitted the center leg rails. I also placed the center leg in there (upside down) to get the spacing between the rails correct, and I even loose-fitted the front power coupler to make sure the rails won't interfere with it.

From what I can tell, everything will clear. Even if I make a mistake, I think I can countersink the t-nuts that I'll be installing on the underside of the frame and still clear the skirt mounting area.

This was one of those nights where I got less done than I planned and hoped. Maybe tomorrow I can make actual progress.

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