Sunday, June 21, 2009

Booster Cover Corners and Dado Cuts

Trying to keep the momentum going on the booster cover tops (and not mess up).

Time to trim three degrees off the top of the pieces.

I choppa' you good!

Three degrees, per the blueprints. Later, another three degrees will be taken off the front face.

Next up, chopping 37 degrees off each corner.

So far, so good.

Repeat three more times, and done with that step. Looking good!

To wrap it up, I marked the areas for the slots. I really only need to mark one slot, since once I set my cutting guides, I can reuse them for each subsequent slot.

For the first time, I managed to set up the dado blades without my friend Kelvin's help. I've seen it done enough times that I should be able to do it myself by now, and evidently I can.

One pass only cuts a slightly more than half the width of the slot.

An adjustment to the guide on the right, followed by another pass for each slot, finishes the job. There is a little unevenness, but I think I can lightly file it smooth.

Done with the afternoon's work. Still to do: Filling the slots, gluing the bottom pieces on, routing the groove near the slots, and shaving three degrees from the front face.

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