Saturday, June 20, 2009

Perfect Curves

Today I made my attempt to get the curves right on the booster cover top pieces.

As usual, I started by using the drum sander on the drill press to sand out the shallowest arc first.

The drum sander can only sand about half of the distance that is required.

Periodically I would turn the piece over to sand both sides. Almost done sanding down to the shallow arc.

Once the first arc had been sanded out, I tilted my drill press table to the 8.78 degrees that I calculated the other day, and started sanding toward the larger arc on the front side.

The lines on the top of the piece are my guide for how wide the arc should be.

In order to sand the back half of the piece, the booster cover top must be flipped upside down and placed on the opposite side of the drill press table.

Done with the first one!

And done with the second.

I'm very happy with how the curves turned out. Nice and smooth, and pretty much along the lines that I drew. Now I have to make sure I don't ruin these pieces during one of the many other cuts that are coming up.

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