Friday, May 01, 2009

Started Booster Covers for Droid 2

Almost three years to the day after I started building the booster covers for droid #1, I started the booster covers for droid #2. Given my recent slow pace, let's see if I finish them in anywhere near the time it took the first time around.

I dug up the old template and traced the outline on 3/4" poplar wood, the same hardwood I used last time. Poplar is sturdy, but very fibrous, and routing it isn't as smooth as it is with other materials such as the birch plywood.

Next, I cut out the booster cover bodies. There are two 3/4" layers for both booster covers. I left about 1/8" or so from the line I traced, for routing later.

I drilled a pair of 1/2" holes into each of these, to allow room for a jigsaw blade to fit inside.

Next, I cut out the area that the leg strut goes into on all four pieces.

That's where I left it for now. Tomorrow I will route two of these layers to size using the template as a guide, and glue the other two layers to them.

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