Friday, February 06, 2009

Pictures from the Fanboys Set

At long last, I can finally post my pictures from the set of Fanboys that I took way back on December 1, 2007. We had agreed with Kim the set decorator that we wouldn't post pics that showed the set until the movie was out. Little did anyone know just how long that would take.

Mike Senna and I met up with Chris Romines in Pasadena, where a Red Cross building stood in for some interior shots of The LucasFilm Ranch. When we arrived that day, Vince Sanchez' R5-D4 had already been dropped off, and Chris and Mike took their droids inside.

Unfortunately, the production crew decided that because R2-D2 is shown in another portion of The Ranch, he wasn't going to be in this office scene, so Mike's droid did not stay on set. Chris' and Vince's droids did, and made the final cut of the movie. Fortunately for Mike, he also brought the Ewok costumes that he made for his kids, and one of them was used in a key scene.

After R2-A1 and the Ewoks were positioned, we looked around the set and took pictures.

Pretty fun day.

All pics can be seen here.

We saw the movie tonight, and really enjoyed it. It was neat seeing the contributions up on the big screen.

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Very very cool. Thanks for sharing