Friday, February 13, 2009

JEDI Displays Arrive

Today Scott Gray's most excellent J.E.D.I. display controller and displays arrived. I ordered the DC/DC converter, display controller, front logics and rear logics, along with four 3-wire extender cables, all pre-assembled. Sorry, but I just couldn't see myself soldering that many parts successfully. (See here for an example why.)

I followed the clear instructions that Scott provided, and in almost no time I had power and signals wired up and I was ready to test everything out.

The problem with taking pictures of LEDs that are lit up is that without the camera flash, the colors are distorted and over-bright, and with the camera flash, the LEDs appear dimmer in the picture than in actuality. Nevertheless, here we go.

Without camera flash:

And with camera flash:

It will be a while until I'll need these in the dome, as I still have a lot of dome work to do down the road, but it's great knowing I have these ready to go. Thanks Scott, great job!!

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