Friday, September 19, 2008

Pre-R2LA VI Dinner

Tonight unofficially kicked off R2LA VI weekend, at the Lamppost Pizza in Yorba Linda, CA. We had somewhere around 30 people in attendance, and this isn't even the main event.

Michael McMaster and family drove down from Central California, and others drove in from out of state!

William, Nikki and little Zoe

R2 Builder badges are coming!! Damien Metz reports that he will be doing these, similar to the 501st badges he makes. Very cool!


A few of us headed back to Senna's, to chit-chat and experiment with tomorrow's webcast.

Mike showed off a slick new electronics mounting board, that can be pulled right out of the droid.

He also showed the new Senna drivetrain prototype, finished and installed on a droid.

Chris Ellerby and I set up the webcams and got a test run of the R2LA webcast going.

Tomorrow promises to be a fun and tiring day. Can't wait!

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