Friday, September 19, 2008

Cut and Glued Curved Ankle Covers

Today I had some time to cut the covers that go toward the bottom of the Tape-Ease cylinder sections that were cut yesterday.

Droid #1 used 1/4" MDF, I'm going with 1/8" MDF this time around. I traced the lines and made the cuts with a jigsaw.

I used my handy-dandy wood glue to affix the pieces.

I managed to avoid repeating the fatal flaw that I committed on droid #1, and made sure this time to let enough material overhang the edge of the cylinder so that it will completely meet up with the leg when the MDF is trimmed down.

Some boxes of Saran Wrap and aluminum foil, plus a couple of bags of sunflower seeds, and the sections are propped up and ready to dry overnight. Another high-tech solution.

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