Saturday, September 20, 2008


As expected, R2LA VI was as fun as ever. We had a large crowd, probably about 35 builders and family members dropped by throughout the day.

We had at least fourteen droids in attendance too, and some of those had to come and go during the day as well.

Adding to the festivities, we had dozens of viewers tune into our 3-camera webcast, a first ever for an R2 Builder gathering.

The all-seeing eye provided by Chris Ellerby.

Mike had a projector to let us tune into the webcast as well, so we could participate in the chat and see how everything was working out.

Max Cervantes, Chris Romines and Vince Sanchez.

Michael McMaster, Matthew Henricks and Brian Mix.

We did have a surprise for Mike though,... "Who's Mike Senna???"

Even Mike's wife Amy is starting to wonder.

Brian Mix assembled his automated C-3PO. No, this C-3PO doesn't walk, but he moves his head, arms, torso, and he talks. Very impressive!

Pachinko! R2/Star Wars-style.

As last year's R2LA Builder of the Year award winner, Matthew Henricks was responsible for creating this year's award, and he really outdid himself. Much nicer than the bland trophy I made up for him last year!

And the winner is.... Jerry Chevalier! Congratulations, and well-deserved, Jerry!!

One of two R2 cakes, this one by Tina Lehr.

We wrapped up the merriment with our shoot for the DVD Easter Egg. William and Nikki Miyamoto's baby Zoe is one of the stars, and the proud parents get a good laugh at their daughter's performance. It promises to be another strange one on the DVD...

The whole photostream is here:

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