Thursday, October 02, 2008

R2 Builders Badge, NPC Motors Arrive

The R2 Builders badge that Damien made arrived today. Very nice!

The NPC 2212 motors and Delrin reducers that I ordered for Mike and myself also arrived. Four of them are for me, two for Mike. As much as I like my scratch-built H&A drivetrain, I'm concerned about the durability of the Trico wiper motors, especially since replacements are so hard to find nowadays. Mike and I plan to build some drivetrains based on his new design in the near future.


mrivorey said...

Ooo... you're building drivetrains? Ya know if you built 2 extra, I'd be willing to buy 'em.

mrivorey said...

Btw, I noticed the specs on that motor say it's 12 volts. Are you doing a 12v drive system this time, or are you going to convert this one too?

Victor Franco said...


Unfortuntely, we won't be building any spare drivetrains. These things are going to be very expensive and labor-intensive. Senna plans to produce plans, along with tutorials.

We will be running these motors on 12 volts, they will have plenty of torque and speed at 12 volts. The only thing that that will want 24 volts after the conversion will be my dome drive motor (a Saturn wiper motor). I need to figure out what I will do for that.

mrivorey said...

Aww, too bad about the drivetrain, but understandable. I'll have to download your plans when they are done.

Thanks for the info on the voltages though. Using all 12v throughout (in mine) will make things a lot simpler!