Saturday, September 27, 2008

8-Foot Lego R2

This is related to droid building, really!!

The Lego store at Downtown Disney in Anaheim, CA is building an 8-foot tall R2-D2 made of Lego blocks this weekend.

Visitors can contribute to the build by assembling a megablock made of smaller blocks. These megablocks are then added to the R2-D2 build. I made my contribution to the effort.

Best of all, by shear coincidence, Chris James from the San Francisco Bay Area is in town, visiting Disneyland this very weekend, so we were able to meet up and get a picture together, along with Lego Master Builder Steve. The "little" Lego R2 is used as a model and guide for the big one.

I may go back tomorrow to see the finished result, if I get a chance.

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angel said...

That's me building it in the background lol