Sunday, September 21, 2008

Trimmed Curved Ankle Covers

Working on very little sleep, I decided to give a shot at trimming the MDF covers that I glued down to the curved portion of the ankle the other day.

The plan was to use the router to trim all the overhang. I attached a piece of flat board upon which to rest the piece to trim, and I adjusted the height of the router bit to be just high enough to trim any overhanging MDF.

The flat part of the overhang trimmed fairly well. Now the ankle can sit flush up against the leg. Here it is partially on the board, lying flat now.

The curved part was much trickier, and it didn't go quite as well.

I promise to show the good, bad and ugly, and we got all three (and then some) with these pieces.

There are some gouges here and there, but nothing a little filler and sanding can't take care of, as I've come to learn over the years.

1 comment:

Russell said...

YoU WerE wOrkInG oN yER' R2 sUNdaY????

What is in your water!??!

I was asleep on the couch all day.

I feel soooooo ashamed now!!!

GREAT work Victor, it was great to see you again!