Sunday, June 08, 2008

Left Foot Repairs, Spare Motor Prep

As I mentioned yesterday, I had trouble with the front wheel of R2's left foot at yesterday's event. The rubber layer that was glued to the wheel started coming off.

Unfortunately, I didn't immediately realize this had happened, and continued running R2 a little bit, and thus I also did some damage to the Saturn wiper motor that powers the foot. So I needed to replace both the rubber layer and the motor. :(

First, I cut a new ring of rubber.

Unlike the rubber ring that came off, this time I sanded the inside perimeter of the rubber ring. Roughing it up with sandpaper helps the glue to adhere to the surface.

Once again, I used the Goop stuff from Home Depot to secure the ring to the wheel.

I cleaned up the messy overrun on the sides after the glue had dried.

I mentioned that I also had to replace the Saturn wiper motor. I already had a spare motor ready to go, so I used that one. With the spare motor now in service, I needed to prepare another spare. It was the usual drill, removing the extra junk from the motor first.

As with previous motors, I applied foil tape to cover the holes.

I wrapped up today's work by applying Alex Kung's conversion tutorial.

I still need to attach a shaft adapter to the motor. I should be able to get to that sometime during the week.

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