Friday, May 16, 2008

Children's Hospital Visit

Today R2 was privileged to visit Children's Hospital Orange County (CHOC), to help make the day a little brighter for some of the patients.

A young man was being awarded Hero of the Month. Star Wars characters were there to present him with certificates and other goodies. R2 had a medal to deliver, which I wrapped onto one of his utility arms.

His mom signed a photo waiver, and we were able to take a group picture with the patient and the Star Wars characters.

R2 and the characters also made visits to other sick kids' rooms, but no photos were allowed.

I try never to take for granted the blessings of good health, and today really drove home that point.


Anonymous said...

Awesome Victor!!! Thats what its all about!!!I cant wait until I do some charity things like that. We have a Childrens Hospital close to me in Philadelphia, and been wanting to do that. Great Job!!

Victor Franco said...

You're right John, this is what it's about. The high-profile events will come and go, but these are the ones that make a lasting impression and a difference.


Anonymous said...

great job victor. i'm hoping to do more events like this myself.