Saturday, May 17, 2008

Scout-o-Rama 2008

Today, Matthew Henricks, his son Brandon and I manned the R2 Builders booth at the 2008 Orange County Council's Scout-o-Rama. We were representing local Pack 1294.

It was a cool 91 degrees as hundreds (thousands? 30,000 were to be in attendance) stopped by the booth. We handed out many R2 Builders Club brochures to folks wanting to join our religion learn more about the club.

Many other Star Wars characters occupied the adjacent areas. How Vader, the Troopers and the Fetts deal with the heat in those helmets I'll never know.

Matthew practiced his droid-driving skills with my droid, which drove surprisingly well on a large piece of thick cardboard that we were provided. Matthew's droid wasn't set up for R/C, so he had his droid's innards on display, while mine was buttoned up and ready to go.

We also displayed various droid parts on a display table, to explain how these things are put together.

My friend of 37 years (since first grade) Kelvin Miyake visited our booth with his wife and kids. If it weren't for Kelvin, I would not have had a table saw, chop saw, router, etc. with which to build R2. Kelvin also helped with some tricky parts of the build (drivetrain, dado cuts, among others).

A good time, if not an exhausting one, for everyone. :)

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