Friday, May 16, 2008

Replaced Voltage Converter

Well, it was apparent that my 24-to-12 volt voltage converter would not arrive via UPS Ground in time for today's 3:00pm event, so I had to drive to Aircraft Spruce's West Coast office and pick another one up. :(

I snipped the cigarette lighter ends off (you know, the ones that contain the important fuse protection) for droid wire-up.

I installed it in the droid, and powered everything up.

Phew! The power came on on the adapter, and all my 12-volt devices are working again. R2 can beep once more.

When I came home from this afternoon's event, this was sitting on my doorstep.


Unknown said...

Hey Victor, before I finish reading the whole post, I knew that was going to happen. Well at least now you got Two... :)

Victor Franco said...

Yeah, I've got to work on my dramatic style. :)