Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Started JB Welding Back Door Panels

Tonight I got started on JB Welding the framed panels that go on the back door.

For this second droid, I went a little lighter on the JB Weld. The back door on the first droid is kind of a mess, with excess dried-up JB Weld having oozed out the seams on the inside of the door (it's not visible on the outside). I applied the JB Weld along the edge of each panel. ("No Paint" - Like the first droid, I'm leaving one of the panels unpainted, as it sometimes appears in Episode IV. See, for example, the scene where Luke has just finished purchasing R2, and is leading him indoors for cleaning.)

I again used my Office Depot clips to clamp the frames to the panels.

I used my trusty toothpick to clean up the excess JB Weld on both the front and back sides. I also used a damp paper towel to help clean up JB Weld smudges.

I planned to finish three panels tonight, I only got two done. Two more await.


Paul said...

What! This is an outrage! I thought you were going to use Silicone! :)

I am tempted to go the JB Weld route since it goes on thinner. You just have to clean up ASAP or its there forever.

Victor Franco said...

JB Weld for the back door panels so that autographs don't smudge/disappear on the silicone. Senna found this out the hard way. :/