Saturday, February 16, 2008

Routed Top Plate, Started Working on Shoulder Discs, Meet-Up with McMaster

Today I routed a little material from the underside of the top plate of the frame, where the aluminum flashing that goes around the shoulder discs will enter into the frame. The room already provided was certainly adequate, but again I decided to make things even roomier in case I go overboard with the flashing.

Speaking of the shoulder discs, I had planned to cut these out too, but I ran out of time. I only got as far as cutting out the rectangle that these will be cut from, and I marked the 6.25" diameter circles.

I ran out of time because I got a last-minute call from Mike Senna, letting me know that Michael McMaster was in town with his son Kyle, who is auditioning for the Disneyland Jazz Band this weekend.

Us three geniuses posed in the Apple Store at the Grove in Santa Monica.

A short time later, Max Cervantes joined us, and proved that his PT Cruiser is indeed R2 Blue.

We passed a hat store on the way to dinner, and happened to run across Indiana Jones and Short Round on the way. Good times.

Tomorrow I hope to finish those shoulder discs, and see what other progress I can make.

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