Sunday, February 10, 2008

Trimmed Skins

Today I broke out the Dremel and trimmed the skins to handle the power couplers and octagon ports.

Unlike older runs of the power couplers, the more recent runs of these parts come with a square frame with a round hole in the center. The nice thing with this arrangement is that the tabs are machined into the frame, so they don't need to be added later. Previous runs had the body of the coupler behind the inner skins, with the tabs resting on top of the inner skins.

With these power couplers, all that needs to be done is to cut a square out of each inner skin, to allow the frame to sit flush against the inner surface of the outer skin. Yesterday I traced the frame, and today I marked larger square that was 1/8" offset from the tracing.

Four cuts, and the square is just about out.

Similarly, I cut the inner skins for the octagon ports, so that the ports can sit flush against the inner surface of the outer skins.

Repeat twice, once for the front inner skin, once for the back inner skin. The nice thing about today's work is that none of these cuts, no matter how badly performed, show through to the outside world.

The power couplers sit flush against the inner surface of the outer skins, just like they should.

The octagon ports also sit up against the inside surface of the outer skins. These will be adjusted for height when it is time for final installation.

I still need to cut out the back door on the inner skins. That will be more challenging, as the cuts for the door must be as straight as possible.

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