Monday, December 03, 2007

Las Vegas Meeting

Sunday night R2 was the surprise guest at a big meeting I'm having with my coworkers at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. This surprise visit had been planned by my management for a couple of months, and we made arrangements with the hotel to get him around the "back alleys" of the hotel, so I really could not back out for the movie shoot.

After making the trek from Orange County to Las Vegas in the Droidmobile, we hid R2 behind a curtain in the reception room. At the appointed time, our Director announced our special guest. The curtain was pulled back, and R2 emerged!

The group was happy to see R2, and they crowded around and took turns taking pictures with him.

After the event was done, I took the back alleys in the catacombs of the MGM Grand and parked R2 in my room. I have a Do Not Disturb hanger on my door, and I've been told the staff will keep out.

Tuesday I'll give a presentation on how R2 was built to the group.

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