Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Computer Interface Arm Arrives

David Shaw's beautiful Computer Interface Arm arrived today. Originally I had no plans to get in on this part run, but after seeing Michael McMaster's at R2LA V, I decided I had to have this. I got very lucky that someone dropped out of the run, so I was able to get a painted arm.

The arm comes exquisitely wrapped by David. There should be a part run on those stickers alone!

The first item out of the wrapping is the back piece used to extend the arm. It is etched with the group logo and manufacturing information. It looks like this particular arm was born on June 8, 2007.

The main part of the arm comes in two pieces, the body and the head piece.

Set screws hold the back piece and head piece to the main shaft, which passes through the body piece.

The detail on this part is unbelievable. Pictures do not do it justice, I will have to try again in sunlight sometime. The precision machining and painting is simply incredible. The painting must have been extremely labor-intensive just for one of these, let alone dozens.

This is going on display, I just need to come up with a display case one way or another.

Awesome part, Dave!

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