Monday, October 01, 2007

R2LA V.1

On Sunday a few of us dropped by Mike's for some minor, post-R2LA V building activities.

Mike Granek worked on building a cabinet for his thousands of Star Wars action figures.

Meanwhile indoors, Roy Powers tried his darndest to make some progress on his R2.

Mike and I painted the rest of the dome panels that were not painted during Saturday's painting demo. This also afforded Roy an outlet for his droid-building frustration.

Again, the panels are looking pretty darn good, although I did leave a large blue drip on one of the dome pie panels that I will need to redo from scratch.

We decided to leave the panels on top of a dusty fish tank to dry for a few days. Nothing wrong with that idea, right??

I showed Mike the gap between inner and outer domes on dome #2. Mike considered the problem thoughtfully. Then, with a small gap still visible between the two domes, he balled up his fist and punched the inner dome right in the center. Voila, gap gone!

I'll pick up the dome panels from Mike's in a few days, and I'll start marking up the inner dome soon for the cuts in requires. Then I can remove the remaining panels and prepare those for painting.


Matthew Henricks said...


You got that punch on video right? I am sure McMaster could use another easter egg.

Victor Franco said...

Unfortunately, no. It was pretty spontaneous and unexpected, at least on my side. The dome is still round though!