Sunday, September 30, 2007


R2LA V was held this weekend, and we had an outstanding turnout. My modest droid got to pose in the group photo. :)

But I'm getting ahead of myself. First, I packed up the Droidmobile for its inaugural assignment with me as its new owner.

The event was scheduled to start at 11:00am. When I arrived at Mike's house around 11:20am, there were already lots of builders and several R2s already set up.

Dan Smith, an entertainment industry professional, gave a couple of tutorials on pouring resin and making silicone molds.

We took a group photo with my R2 (see above). Alone, he looked like the toy interactive R2.

Next, we got all the R2s together to pose for their group photos with Victoria as this year's Slave Leia.

Then it was time for Mike and I to present this year's R2LA Builder of the Year award. As the winner of last year's award, I was on the hook to produce another award and be involved in the selection of this year's winner.

The honor went to Matthew Henricks. Besides being a skilled builder and all-around good guy, Matthew has nearly completed his droid in just under a year, and he successfully executed two part runs (the wooden leg and wooden frame kits).

Next up, Mike Senna's painting tutorial. Mike demonstrated how he prepares the panels for painting, and how he applies the coats of paint for the best look possible.

As you probably know by now, I supplied the dome panels for painting. We only painted one panel during the main event on Saturday, but the weekend wasn't over yet. I was very happy with the results of this panel.

The longer the evening wore on, the sillier things got. Mike Senna and Michael McMaster removed their human masks and assumed their natural forms.

Why are these droids wearing masks? You will have to discover the Easter Egg on the R2LA V DVD when it becomes available, and find out. :)

Pushing 1:00am Sunday, we finally started wrapping up and restoring Mike's house to order. Vacuuming, furniture moving, scrubbing... all normal post-midnight activities.

So another R2LA has come and gone, and everyone had a blast again. As for me, it's funny... I remember when I attended my first R2LA (III), I didn't talk too much, and I felt intimidated by all the great work I admired. This was my third R2LA, and now I'm up on stage presenting the Builder of the Year award and receiving compliments for my completed droid. I never would have believed it. :)

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