Monday, October 01, 2007

Hello Dolly

I guess I'm not done spending money on this droid yet after all.

Mike is able to cart his droid around on this slick dolly. I knew I'd need one too, since I can't drive R2 around everywhere, and he doesn't roll on his own.

I picked up this dolly at Ace Hardware.

The neat thing about it is that the handle can be relocated to use the dolly as a cart. I just need to attach a large rectangle of 3/4" plywood to the dolly for R2 to stand on, and I'll be set.

The dolly fits nicely in the Droidmobile. Of course, R2 won't be on it when he's in the car; I don't want him rolling around on that thing all the time. I'll have the dolly tilted on its side, with the handle in the normal, non-cart position.

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