Friday, October 12, 2007

Prepped Spare Motor

I have an event with R2 tomorrow, so I figured it would behoove me to prepare a spare motor in case of a motor failure. Of course, that means I'll need to bring a soldering iron (I picked up a wireless butane soldering iron today), solder, shrink tubing and everything else too, but that's okay.

In one of the better purchase decisions I've made recently, I bought a few of Vince Sanchez' shaft adapters. They fit fairly well as-is, but there is a small gap between the motor and the adapter that I wanted to close.

A little work with the Dremel, and all was well.

I globbed some JB Weld onto the motor shaft, and screwed on the shaft adapter.

I let the JB Weld set for a few hours, and then drilled the 1/8" hole for the steel pin. Normally I'd let the JB Weld dry for 24 hours, but I wanted this motor done tonight, in case I need it tomorrow.

The goal is to drill as close to the base of the shaft adapter as possible, and right through the center.


Before inserting the pin, I realized that I hadn't hacked off one of the motor tabs that needs to be removed. This is required in order to fit the motor in the battery box.

Last step: Roll a 1/8"-diameter, 3/4" long steel pin in some JB Weld, and insert it in the hole.

Hopefully I won't need this motor for a good long time, but I'm glad it's available if I do need it in a pinch.

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