Sunday, October 14, 2007

Cut out Droidmobile Base

Today, with help from my buddy Kelvin, I cut out a plywood base for the Droidmobile that I can use to help anchor R2 in the car in the future.

I traced the original lift-out floor panel from the Element on some 3/4" plywood, and Kelvin and I fed the plywood through the table saw to make a rectangle. I used a hand-held jigsaw to finish the curvy areas.

The pictures don't show the details too well, but the fit is very good. I plan to add some blocks in front of and behind the outer feet, like I did for the cart, to help keep R2 in place.

Alas, Kelvin needed his table saw back after two and a half years, so one day I'll go shopping for another. The good news is I have more garage space in the meantime.

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