Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Marked Up Inner Dome

With the inner and outer domes now fitting properly, I was able to mark up the inner dome for the cuts it will require.

I traced the various holes with a Sharpie semi-fine tipped pen. I also traced the other panel outlines with a mechanical pencil.

I never knew I could work up a sweat trying to separate the inner and outer domes. It took about twenty minutes, but I finally got them apart so I could see the results of the mark-up.

I'm not sure exactly when I'll get around to cutting the inner dome. I'll probably remove the remaining panels on the outer dome first, and file everything down.


Darth Flan said...

Keep up the informative posts on the Dome Victor, I just got my dome and look forward as I mirror your progress on my dome!


Victor Franco said...

Will do. Keep in mind this is an R&J dome, not the Daren Murrer 300mm dome. Most of the steps will be the same, but the dome ring differs.


Paul said...

Nice work! Will you have all the panels opening up (fire extinguisher, etc) ?

Hey I added your site as a link on my blog. Keep up the good work, I'll try to catch up ;-)


Victor Franco said...

Thanks Paul. Right now I don't plan to open any of the panels. Among other reasons, I really like being able to rotate the dome around and around without running any wires or gadgets through the body and into the dome.

But who knows, maybe one day?