Friday, May 11, 2007

Redrilled Holes for Half Moon, Foot Shell Assembly, Finished Cutting Wheel Padding, Helped Roy, Installed Battery Harnesses

I wasn't happy with the location of the half moon on one of my center foot shell doors, so I drilled three new holes and remounted the half moon.

Then I assembled the center feet, with the doors and half moons attached. I'm pretty happy with how these turned out.

I finished cutting out the last of the rubber layers for the wheel padding. Right now I think I'm going to leave these off for a little while. One reason is that if I install this layer of rubber on the wheels, then the threaded end of the knurled cable fittings will need to be further chopped down on the end that fits inside the foot shell, or else they will run into this layer of rubber.

I prefer not to shorten the thread end of the fittings, because I won't have enough room on the fittings to secure them from behind with nuts. And if I can't do that, then I can't secure the front foot strips without drilling them and using screws to secure them, as I did with the rear foot strips. I will probably do that eventually.

Roy Powers came by for a while to discuss some drivetrain trouble, and to get his dome drive controller finished.

I wrapped up the evening by using silicone to glue down the battery harnesses onto the battery boxes.

Tomorrow I plan to start putting R2 back together again. For the first time he'll have his painted battery boxes and foot shells on, and there will be very little work remaining.

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