Saturday, May 12, 2007

Building at Mike's, Reassembled Drivetrains

Chris Romines and Roy Powers had some droid building to do at Mike's, and Mike said he thought he could revive a couple of non-functional Saturn motors of mine.

Mike was all laughs when he found out I was testing the motors with the covers off. I learned today that you can't do that. I did have a broken solder joint in one of the motors that was repaired, but it looks like the other motor was never bad in the first place. At any rate, both motors are running now, and I put one of them on my droid when I got home, as it had a superior shaft adapter attached to it, compared to the one that I was using on my right foot.

Meanwhile, Mike and Chris worked on Chris' wire-up, while Roy fought with his drivetrain.

By the end of the day, Chris' droid was moving via R/C. Two droids have taken their first steps in the last three weeks at Mike's.

When I got home, I spent quite a while putting my two drivetrains back together. Every piece had been taken apart, so they didn't go back together quickly. I placed the drivetrains in their respective foot shells, ready to go back on the legs tomorrow.

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