Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Painted Foot Shells, Center Foot & Drivetrain Channels, Center Ankle, Silicone for Shoulder Flange, T-Shirts

This morning I painted the foot shells white. I think these three coats are going to be enough.

In the evening, I painted the channels on the center foot and drivetrain. I disassembled the drivetrain and only painted the channel pieces, I did not want to risk getting paint on the chain or gears, and I didn't feel like masking the whole thing. I think I'm done with the spray can now, just a little touch-up painting here and there with a brush.

I brushed on primer, and later, paint, to finish the repair on the center ankle from this weekend. It looks pretty darn sloppy, more impetus to rebuild the center leg one day in the future. Keep in mind that most of this does not show though, as this portion of the ankle is facing down, toward the top of the foot shell.

I applied silicone to the wooden hub that holds the shoulder flange in place, so the flange piece won't move around and expose the wood underneath. There is also a single wood screw that holds the flange in place from underneath, but the top part had a tendency to shift.

Finally, I went to Mike's, but for once, it wasn't to do any building. I dropped off some screws for Mike, that he needed in order to mount his back door brackets. His R2 #2 is coming along very nicely, it should be done any minute.

More importantly, I picked up my super-duper, one of a kind, collector's item t-shirts. I have both a short sleeve version and a long sleeve version. These will be the envy of CIV.

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