Wednesday, May 09, 2007

More Center Ankle Paint, Installed Rear Power Coupler, Started Cutting Wheel Padding

My brushed-on paint for the center ankle from yesterday looked atrocious, so I sprayed on a little more paint tonight. Now it just looks bad, which is an improvement.

At long last, I installed the rear power coupler tonight. The power coupler frame is siliconed onto the back door, while the power coupler itself is held onto a small piece of wood with Velcro.

I attached the rear door, and then placed the small piece of wood with the power coupler attached to it such that the power coupler was perfectly placed within the coupler frame on the door. Then I glued down the piece of wood to the bottom of the frame.

Later, once the glue had dried, I removed the door to see how it all looked.

The door goes back on just right, and the power coupler still fits within its frame. The Velcro allows me to make minor adjustments if necessary, and I can also remove the coupler for repainting should the need arise.

I wrapped up by cutting some strips of rubber that I may or may not attach to the wheels of the outer feet. Those wheels are pretty expensive, and the layer of rubber would provide some protection. However, I would need to hack on the wheel housings of my drivetrain in order to get this extra layer to fit, and I'm not sure I want to do that. I'll think about it...


Matthew Henricks said...


That center leg.... Better start all over with your R2 now from day one. All the kids will look at that leg and just turn away....

Seriously, Looking good.

Victor Franco said...

I'm not ready to take him to the fire pit just yet, but there are a lot of things I'd do differently in retrospect. :)