Sunday, May 06, 2007

Center Ankle Hacking, Gluing & Stabilizing, Foot Shell Wiring Holes, Finished Battery Railing

I really, really hated to do this, but I had to. I had to hack on the center ankle with the Dremel in order to get the center leg to tilt the specified eighteen degrees. With this hacking, the leg can now tilt up to twenty degrees.

The root cause of the problem is that the ankle bolt hole needs to be closer to the tip. I've done all I can to the foot to get more clearance for the leg tilt, but it still wasn't enough. The curve on the ankle had to be sanded down. I will probably use a paint brush to apply primer and paint. I hated to do this so much that I may rebuild a new center leg some day. The tape-ease cylinder is a pain, but the rest of the center leg is a pretty easy build.

Man, I hated to do this. (Ok, I'm over it. It's in the past now.)

I cut some center foot stabilizers that get screwed onto the center ankle. This way, when R2 backs up, his foot won't jump up like a spooked horse, as it is currently prone to do.

I used Krazy Glue to glue affix the washers from yesterday for the center foot, to keep it stable when bolted to the ankle. This eliminates any wiggle room. I didn't know if this would actually work, but so far the washers are holding tight.

One last cut on the outer foot shells, as I opened up a small rectangle with the Dremel and drill to allow wiring to pass from the ankle on down into the foot.

Finally, I finished up the main battery railing, I installed stubby pieces at the ends of the rails. Now the batteries won't slide around at all.

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