Saturday, May 05, 2007

Painted Battery Boxes & Half Moons, Holders for Receiver Battery & Switch, Circuit Breaker, Center Foot Washers, Pipe Clamps, Battery Rails, Switches

With Celebration IV just over two weeks away and breathing down my neck, I need to get in gear and finish the many details that have to get done.

For the first time in a long time, I did some painting. The battery boxes and half moons each got two coats of Rustoleum Satin White today. I may add another coat later on, depending on how these look after they have dried completely.

I cut and bent some aluminum bar to help hold the main receiver battery in place, as well as the switch that determines which receiver battery pack is selected (main or auxiliary).

I used Velcro to fasten the main circuit breaker to the underside of the top of the frame.

My center foot needed a couple of washers between the tip of the ankle and the inside of the wooden channel pieces to keep it firmly in place, so I added those today as well.

I screwed down gas pipe clamps to keep R2's body centered on the gas pipe. There's one clamp on the left, another on the right.

I installed wooden rails to keep the main batteries in place. I still need to cut and install some short pieces toward the rear, to keep the batteries from sliding back when R2 is tilted back.

Finally, I secured R2's on/off switches to a piece of PVC, and attached that to the bottom of the frame, accessible from the front of the skirt. One switch powers up the main batteries, the other switch powers up the receiver battery.


Calvin Thomas said...

On that main Breaker,
What size amp is it?
And is it wired between the batteries and the electronics?
I'm trying to figure out some of my wiring and not sure where to put the breaker to protect the electronics.

Victor Franco said...


The main breaker is 25 amps. It is indeed tied between the batteries and electronics. Each battery is fused with a 30 amp fuse, and next is the 25 amp circuit breaker, which should trip before the fuses get hit.

I'm very rusty on my electronics. Mike did the wire-up, but I do know that the above is accurate. :)